Let’s face it, if you’re using the internet to make money, affiliate marketing is the best way to go about it. So naturally, you are going to want to enhance the amount of money you make. How can you do that? Well, SEO content writing seems like a good way to go about it.

A lot of webmasters actually forget why SEO content writing is so important to a good website. Unlike a lot of elements regarding SEO that are there to help the search engine (page title, meta tags, sitemap, etc.) content can kill two birds with one stone. Not only does it give the reader something to stew on, it helps the search engine confirm the identity of the material you’re adding to your site.

Think about it like this; you have a WordPress built post with a teen related page title, blog name, meta tag and relevant image alts. Now, how can a search engine actually determine whether your post is actually one containing teen images? It can’t, it has to assume that the information you have provided is accurate, and the more information you provide to the search engine, the more it’s willing to trust the labels you give to your content.

The purpose of SEO content writing is to produce something that might be interesting for your user to read (a brief description can actually be something a surfer takes note of; fantasy is the reason why porn works) while being full of enough keywords for a search engine to take notice of it. If you can nail an equilibrium of these two key points, you are half way there with respect to getting trust from search engines.

It’s really hard to stress exactly how important this is. Webmasters always make the fatal mistake of never providing enough written information on their websites and it affects their readership as well as their search engine positions. SEO content writing is not something you should hold off on for any reason. Taking a few days out to create some quality keyword rich posts for your blog is a must have for any serious webmaster – the end result will certainly be worth it, and I promise that you will kick yourself if it’s done later rather than sooner.

Take a step in the right direction – get your hands on decent SEO copy and feed the search engines the metaphorical food they want.

Adult Copywriters has been the number one name when it comes to adult SEO and copywriting services for a number of years. The steady and consistent flow of copy production has made us a trusted name when it comes to providing various copywriting services and our ongoing commitment to provide webmasters with valuable text will forever be present.

We put our success down to two key elements. Namely, the production of quality, readable, keyword-rich texts that appeal both to the reader and search engines and, a commitment to delivering practical project timelines and sticking to them. Our knowledge of how search engines treat text has made us a deadly tool to any webmaster that plans to build a website around a specific niche.

Quality keyword enriched material is hard to come by when you consider the number of unqualified individuals that are actively offering their ‘copywriting services’. Adult Copywriters is a small but knowledgeable group of educated, experienced wordsmiths that know how to target the general surfer demographic and, more importantly, appeal to the search engine positions you want.

If you are looking a quality flow of professional copy that will increase your traffic, revenue and user base, then there isn’t a better name in the business to turn to. Our copywriting services are second to none and we have consistently catered for the specific requests our clientele provides. The success stories and service reviews we have received over the course of our professional work are a testament to the commitment, reliability and professionalism of our writing studio.

If you’re serious about getting decent search engine rankings, we’re serious about providing you with the copywriting services you need to get them. Adult Copywriters is a practiced name that can supply a sufficient stream of superior copy that will become an affluent to your overall website river. We are an unswerving group of focused copywriters that can deliver perfect copy on schedule and on budget every time.

Don’t become a victim of shady writers that can’t deliver the quality or quantity your growing website empire demands – hire the number one name when it comes to copywriting services, Adult Copywriters.

Let’s face it, nothing a writer produces for surfer consumption is going to win a literary award. SEO content writing is not there for a fresh-faced, bright-eyed college graduate to become a public figure and national hero for his outstanding works and unrivaled contribution to the wordsmithing industry. It’s a job like any other and although it certainly has elements of creativity, the main goal is to create an informative piece of text that will keep the user interested in your website.

Language is a wonderful thing but alas, sometimes it’s a real problem for a lot of people. Take this as an example – I can effortlessly fashion a complicated mesh of prodigious words and anachronistic language to feign a position of intellectual transcendence, but it does nothing for the reader and ultimately, insults their intelligence. When you take a step toward SEO content writing, you have to understand that a vast majority of the world’s population will not understand complicated language, local colloquialisms and obscure similes/metaphors. Sure, you know some pretty big words and they will help you to describe certain key aspects of a point, but don’t force yourself to hunt synonyms for basic words that are perfectly fine the way they are.

Of course, the number one reason to use basic language and to-the-point sentences is for your best friend – the search engine. The production of SEO content writing is there – quite literally – to optimize your sites for search engines. In fact, the greatest weakness a search engine has is actually a very good break for any writer and I’ll explain why.

Computers are terrible at language. They read words, they understand the basics of positioning and emphasis but by and large, it’s as confusing to them as binary code is to you.

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself “why is this good for me?” Well, if a computer could read text as well as a human could, it would have the ability to create it as well. Which, unless you’ve got a very quick turnaround time (trillions of words an hour) and you cost less than the average program license, means you would be out of work. Thankfully, computers are not that advanced and they shouldn’t be for quite some time. Meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your job as an SEO content writer is safe … for now.

Although you’ve probably heard the word before and made an educated guess as to what it actually means, few people actually know the definition of it. Copywriting is, in essence, the process of creating a piece of literature that is purely there to promote something.

While this definition may be strong, the advertisement for a product doesn’t have to be fact bombardment and average Joe testimonials. In fact, any piece of literature that hints toward a side of an argument – or product choice – is copy. Political speeches outlining the positives of their speaker’s policies, bullet points covering the uniqueness of a new laptop and website introductions telling you why their sites are the best around could all be referred to as piece of copy.

Copywriting services have really struck up in the last thirty years. With the development of the internet, more and more companies are turning to professionals who have experience in writing copy. After all, there’s a universe of difference between the works of a published author and an advertising mastermind.

The beauty of the industry comes from the creative side of humans – people who provide copywriting services can coin phrases and slogans which stick in the user’s mind. The stylization of words also plays a huge role in the promotion of a product – just think of how popular the ‘i’ series is – a simple, standard format for marketing electronic components that has probably made Apple more money than they could have ever predicted.

If you’re planning to create any website with the intention of selling something, consult an expert who specializes in copywriting services. Past experience means everything online – the pattern of surfers is predictable and the ability for a writer with spark to create copy that’ll half your conversion rate really isn’t something out of the ordinary. After all, it’s the job of a copywriter to provide a service which will actually make you money – doing a half-decent trial run will invariably mean no more work sent their way, which benefits neither party.

Copywriting professionals will provide amazing copy services if you know what you want. The affiliate marketing industry is built on a combination of perfect copy, convincing pictures, search engine rankings and in the middle of it all – a dedicated webmaster that holds it all together.

There are lots of online industries out there that are just waiting to be made into cash cows. A lot of these are quite easy to get valid, quality rankings for – sadly, porn isn’t one of them. When it comes to adult SEO, you have to be as ‘black hat’ as white hat SEO gets.

The problem comes down to two key elements; content and backlinks. You can pretty much make up unique content in mainstream niches and do a great job at it too. Sadly, there’s not that much to write when it comes to pornographic websites and thus, unlike mainstream, it’s practically impossible to get any legitimate backlinks.

The way ‘most’ up-and-coming websites get link juice is through quality content. Websites (blogs, in particular) absolutely love having 4 to 5 outbound links on a page that are actually relevant. In essence, it’s an unwritten rule that works on the idea of karma – that is, if a webmaster gives 200 outbound links to other pages, he might get an equal number of inbound links from other quality sites.

Alas, adult entertainment is an industry that is absent of such happenings. There are two practical ways to actually get quality backlinks to your website and like all good things, they come at a price. The most popular – and the one which I would most recommend for adult SEO – is link trading. There are several schools of thought on this and you can pretty much go about it however you want, but there’s no doubt a one-way link from a high ranking site with a quality segment of anchor text would outdo any same-IP link exchange in terms of useful effect. Alternatively, you can pay for backlink services – although this has its obvious downsides.

Adult SEO is a sticky business that can pay off if executed correctly. There are a lot of things search engine optimizers will dispute, but no peer-acclaimed SEO guru in their right mind would tell you that backlinks and unique content aren’t the most important things to consider when building a website for profit.

It’s a shame that adult search engine optimization isn’t something that can be honestly achieved. I think that deep down, Google knows some sites just won’t be linked to because of the content they have and hence, it makes it very hard for a quality porn site to get noticed. Thankfully, those with a commitment to the industry and a little bit of knowledge when it comes to SEO can really dominate the adult market.

Adult Writing is quite a strange area of literature that has its primary use as – in some cases – something other than to read. Search engines are a webmaster’s best friend when it comes to adult entertainment – you do your best to create a site that ranks well on Google and then spend your precious page space showing hot images of targeted niches.

I’d say that there are three main areas of adult writing that benefit the creator of a site. These are: navigation segments/wording (home, what’s new, join now, etc.), unique search engine content and finally, actual adult writing such as erotica and success stories.

There are a number of companies out there that specialize in the creation of unique text, although you’ll find it tough locating a studio that is willing to undertake a project for an adult website. I can only guess that adult writing is something a ‘mainstream’ copywriter doesn’t like getting into, although the reasons for this are probably cheap and the real issue boils down to their belief that it’d be a lapse in professionalism.

Once you find an adult writer, be sure to know exactly what you’re looking for and state it clearly. Many professional wordsmiths will be more than happy to optimize the copy you ordered for a specific purpose. For instance, if you’re building a new adult paysite that’s aimed at rich businessmen, you’d obviously want the text to be elegant, professional and convincing. On the flip side, 20 adult blog posts about big breasts will probably be aimed more toward keyword saturation and phrase building.

It would be quite reasonable to state that the most used media format for arousal is text. Sure – millions of people watch porn on the internet and check out pictures in magazines, but for a large part of the most recent millennia, these formats haven’t existed. People still turn to erotic texts and adult writing because they work. Pictures can be great and videos are amazing, but for any story you want to actually feel and be a part of, nothing beats a good passage of dirty, kinky text.

Regardless of what your project is, if it’s related to adult entertainment in any way, shape or form – be sure to contact an adult copywriter. Outsourcing is a great way to reduce your work load and remove any stress associated with the constant demand creative writing has.

Ask any industry recognized online marketer or a seasoned SEO veteran their thoughts on page optimization, what will they tell you? It’s obvious to anyone who reads enough and practices where possible; written content is the key to unlocking Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. If someone is planning to create a website that is purely devoted to affiliate marketing through search engine traffic, his biggest concern is going to be backlinks and quality content.

You may not like the idea of writing for hours upon hours, and I freely admit that I too sometimes get that feeling of ‘is it worth it?’ whenever I’ve spent half of my day writing for a new website, but when you see the power of unique text and indeed, when six months of online revenue hits your pocket from it, you’re assured that it’s totally worth your time.

Individuals that specialize in affiliate marketing may decide to outsource their work once they have a constant stream of quality income. The first months – even years of building websites and getting backlinks may very well kill most, but the more you build, the more you have to work with and in the end, webmasters see that earning online is easy business if you put the hours in. I’ve spoken to a number of industry professionals who all have good English and could very well write for all of their websites though unsurprisingly, they outsource a lot of their work to other people.

When you start at the bottom, it’s very hard to juggle your time between learning SEO, building backlinks, creating content, troubleshooting website issues and dealing with affiliate media. I’m sure that plenty of people have the skills to build their website code from scratch, shoot images for their eye candy themselves and write all of the unique text content they need, though you’d be mad to think that any of them actually do it.

Companies that specialize in certain fields of web development are called upon because there are only so many hours in a day. Adult Copywriters was built for webmasters and corporations alike – we deal with all things text and bring out the best in creative copy. Whether it’s a new site introduction for a business’ online store or a complete revamp of the tour text your website has, ACW is committed to delivering quality copy that will give you the results you seek.

Whenever it comes to text on a web page, we can consider it ‘SEO’, provided the site is indexed by major search engines. In theory, there’s absolutely no difference between the content written by a normal person and one that specializes in optimizing copy. Though of course – the world doesn’t run on ‘theory’. When it comes to the practice, a professional content writer will do everything he can to ensure good keyword saturation, phrase keying and of course – correct spelling/grammar. It’s not as if a wordsmith actually changes the English language – he simply ensures that it’s optimized and ready for use.

There are plenty of webmasters out there that will think to themselves, ‘I can write, why would I need someone else to do that for me?’ – at face value, it’s a valid point; when you look further? You’ll see why professional writers should be the webmasters best friend.

Now, I know I can cook. I have an understanding of opening packets, turning knobs and reading a set of instructions on the side of a packet. The food I can create after twenty minutes in the kitchen is pretty good, but I’m by no means ready to open a restaurant and serve beans on toast to the general public.

In case you didn’t clock on, I’m comparing my acceptable but ultimately average understanding of cooking to an individual that feels they’re adequately equipped to write text that will be seen by a potentially massive number of people. Sure, if you want to send an email to your boss and write a text to your friend, I’m confident that your grasp of the English language is more than sufficient. When it comes to creating one of the biggest on page factors both for user consumption and SEO? It might be an idea to turn to a word chef.

A good copywriter will know the best way to include relevant text keywords in an easy-to-read passage of copy. The experience and dedication to such a job is something that very few people respect but is greatly admired by those that do. If you can handle an average piece of text that is the basis of user trust and page rank then so be it, but if you feel that professional, optimized material is what you want on your website, turn to an expert and invest in some quality copy.

I’m sure there are plenty of copywriters out there who talk about their work, but I don’t think too many will want to go on and on about how they actually do it. I suppose that preparing yourself for writing is a little bit like your routine for going to bed – today, I’m going to go over a few things that you could do to improve the quality and quantity of your daily writing by employing a few basic tools and rules. After all, a good blacksmith will never blame his hammer.

Before you sit down and start writing, you’ll want to remove any distractions that might break your creative ‘flow’. I personally close my office door, shut the window, turn off any air conditioning unit I have on (unless it’s essential) and put my phone on silent. You may want to turn on some light music although this is totally up to you – I personally like listening to ambient/minimal tracks with little to no vocal output. Others may find heavy metal their cup of tea and for some, nothing helps the writer’s mind more than white, pink and brown noise. At the end of the day, it’s all down to what you think works best – silence, in a large number of cases, may very well be the ticket to success.

I can’t say that I’ve used too many word processors, but Microsoft 2003 and 2007 are solid tools of the trade. I don’t actually think that the latter is better than the former, although after a few weeks, you do adjust yourself to the modern layout of 2007. I know of at least one other writer that uses something outside of the Microsoft series, but I’ve yet to see a good, detailed review of rival products that actually provides good reasons to switch. Above all, I think MS is the way to go because it’s 99% compatible with 99% of PCs.

While you’re actually writing, it’s a good idea to break your load down into smaller pieces. Going at it for five hours is pretty harsh, although a ten minute break every hour can really break a day up so you don’t feel too drained at the end of your wordsmithing session. I usually split a hefty day’s work into three equal segments with large breaks in between – others swear by doing it all at once as soon as the day starts so they can enjoy the rest of their day without a worry.

If you can optimize how you work, there’s a good chance you’ll feel a lot better before, during and after your load is complete. Writers are susceptible to block and it’s the worst feeling in the world – you want to avoid overloading yourself with too much stress, especially in a job that requires the utmost concentration and creativity.

If you’re building an adult site and you plan to use some quality text, it might be an idea to first decide how you want to present it. A good place to start is right at the top – take a few moments out of your day and check what the really big sites do to represent written content. If you’re not entirely sure of what you should be looking for – read on and acquire a quick crash course in proper copy presentation.

The first, and for some, the most important aspect of presenting text is the typeface you choose. There are literally dozens of established, professional typefaces available and they each have their distinct uses. Just a quick note – a ‘typeface’ is the actual shape, height and style of each letter, the font is how you choose to style the typeface. For instance, ‘Calibri’ is a typeface, Calibri 13-point bold is a font. Be sure to visit a few sites that talk about typefaces and decide which one is going to best suit your intended use. One tip I can give though – never use Wingdings, unless you know your audience can understand this frivolous typeface.

The second step is choosing a decent way to stylize your typeface. For sites that rely on written content, I’d suggest a ‘size’ of 12 or 13, although you will obviously want to adjust this for titles, footnotes and subheadings. If you’re building a blog and plan to have written content for SEO reasons, it’s a good idea to lower this size – although don’t be too over the top with this, as search engines may punish your site for intentionally hiding content on an indexed page.

Some webmasters also like using bold/italics on certain words they want search engines to see. Some swear that tactics such as this are essential to content SEO, although others stand opposite and claim it has very little or no weight at all when it comes to optimization. If you do decide to do this, make sure you don’t flood too many style changes, as it will probably kill the emphasis you were trying to get in the first place and ultimately make your text unattractive to read.

The final consideration is alignment. There are four settings when it comes to aligning text – left, center, right and justified. Left is certainly the most popular of these, it’s the standard form of English text and works well. Though of course, justified gives a professional feel to things and avoids sporadic line lengths.

So there you have it, a simple guide to present content professionally.