The question that always hinders any webmaster is always about the content. The procedure to making most sites goes along the path of finding a good affiliate program, setting up a URL, building a website and producing some top notch filler for your audience to look at. So what exactly makes good content and what is the surfer looking for?

This question is usually answered by looking at the program you’re promoting and how you’re aiming to go about it. I’ll tell you now – if you’re looking for a few blog posts that’ll add some SEO value to your feeder porn site, I wouldn’t worry too much about the subjects you’re covering. On the other hand, if you want to create a tooth whiting information website you will have to carefully consider exactly what it is that you want to put up as content. Because believe me – no person in their right mind is going to want advice from a website that structures itself as a blog full of keywords and very little written content.

One popular format that can succeed if executed correctly is the success story. If you can actually convince someone that what’s written is true then there’s no reason why an individual looking for a product wouldn’t trust their opinion and buy it themselves. Success stories work because it appeals to the section of the brain that asks ‘are you sure anything will fix this?’, it’s a surefire way to increase your conversion rates and bring justified people’s money to your pocket.

Another accepted standard for websites is simply to fill it with relevant information surrounding the important subject. For instance, if we’re building a site that’s pushing diet pills, you’ll want to create content that someone who wants to lose weight would want to read. Pages covering how fat builds up, the importance of exercise, what foods are healthy and how to make yourself appear slimmer wearing clothes are all very important to the type of person you’re aiming for.

If all else fails and you’re completely out of ideas for content – Google a competitive term, look at what they’re doing and take away as much as you can from it. People who rank number 1 for “lose fat” and “penis pills” know exactly what sells and truth be told, it’s probably as simple as a basic web template, a few strong backlinks and most importantly, unique text that actually sells the product to the user.

There are a number of ways in which a good piece of copy can become completely destroyed due to components both on and off the text. I’ll start by having a look at a few things you should avoid when writing and presenting content as it can really divert the attention away from your central point.

Although interlinking your pages is good for SEO if done correctly, you shouldn’t really attempt to have that much in the way of hyperlinks on a web page. The human mind is an amazing thing and if you’re trying to sell a product, the thing you want to avoid is overloading your written content with links that divert the user’s attention away from your text (the logic here is that users will be more inclined to read what’s in front of them if their mind isn’t considering the importance of a link you’ve given them). Of course, this is totally dependent on what your site is like, but for the most part, you want to restrict users from being able to click on any link that isn’t your affiliate product page or another internal area that will help you sell your push.

One of the biggest things to avoid when you’re creating text is repeating a word or a phrase too often. It’s something that a lot of inexperienced writers do and it’s an issue because when an individual is reading a block of a text, you don’t want to let them drop their ‘reading state’ – that is, their concentration lapses and they focus more on the presentation of your copy rather than the actual content held within it.

The English language is an amazing tool simply because so many words are available to a copywriter. Synonyms are the wordsmith’s best friend and if you can – force yourself to change your language – especially in the areas where you know you’re weak. I personally have to go back over my text when I’m finished and read it out a few times. Surprisingly, this is nothing to do with syntax – I just find that I use certain phrases way too often and have to adjust sentences to mediate flow and guarantee interest.

As long as you have a good understanding of English and feel confident with your use of synonyms, there’s no reason why you can’t avoid messy blobs of text that overuse certain words/word chains.

I know, from experience, that there is nothing more soul crushing than a person calling you up on your grammar. It insults your intelligence and destroys your confidence in writing – and it sucks. There’s a funny history behind grammar, and indeed, its importance in the world of wordsmithing. One question we should all ask ourselves; who actually decides what correct format a sentence should take? Is there a board of English masters that rule on issues surrounding grammar and syntax, or is it a general consensus that’s taken from all of the literature ever composed?

Let me tell you a story about the olden days. Way back in the 18th century, English became one of the more popular languages. It was seen as very sophisticated and no upper-class individual would want to be seen dead without an ample understanding of the dialect. This lead to many things, one of which was a standard form of ‘grammar’. Of course, everyone understood ideas such as full stops, capital letters and question marks, but a lot of issues – or rather, invented issues – started to appear as the language evolved.

Grammar was an easy way to make money and before anyone knew it, dozens of ‘books’ and publications were created to educate people on grammar. Naturally, the competition became quite strong, and the so-called ‘English experts’ had to literally invent new rules to make thicker books and release new editions. The appeal was to the buyer’s charisma and intelligence; no one wants to be caught out on their speech – after all, it’s the basis of 99% of our communication. So after the boom came and went, the English language was an abused collection of countless rules that I guess, for a large majority of exchanges, was only used to bicker and squabble about the rules pertaining to it.

There are countless rules that don’t logically make sense. A good example is the split infinitive – there’s absolutely no reason to intentionally structure your sentence differently because an outdated rule dictates that you should do so. I’m not saying that any writer should be sloppy with structure, syntax and layout, but the rules of grammar exist to make writing, and reading, easier for both parties involved. Be careful with “there’s” when you mean “there’re”, but don’t stress over every sentence you craft because I assure you, there will be dormant rules in a cobweb-clad books that will inevitably prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you have no understanding of what the English language is.

Although this blog has covered a few things with regard to anchor texts, I think it’s a good idea to go back and actually have a look at what they are, what they do and why they are so important.

Put simply, anchor text is the information provided in a link to another website. When you see a link to another source, the ‘anchor’ is the wording of the actual thing you click. Anchor texts are important for two reasons – firstly, it provides an accurate description of the content on the other side to the user and secondly, it’s great for SEO.

The first point is quite an interesting one and I personally believe that many webmasters overlook it. The reason why is pretty simple, a user has an expectation when he clicks a link to another website and as you would correctly imagine, that expectation is to get what’s described in the anchor. Let’s take a look at an example to better understand why anchor text is good for practical use:

Fred is absolutely obsessed with trains. This guy lives for them – he buys models, he spots them and he’s training (unintentional pun) to be driver. Now Fred is browsing the web for some naughty images of Naked Germans – he doesn’t like them as much as trains but as far as sexual fetishes go, this one is his favorite. Now, let’s suppose that Fred is on a site that has a lot of pictures of girls but sadly, no German ones. Then, in the corner of his eye, he spots a link to another website – the anchor is ‘Naked German Chicks’. Fred then clicks the link and comes across a website that is purely devoted to trains. Is he happy?

Of course he isn’t, he wanted porn. Even though he’s on a web page that he might otherwise enjoy, it wasn’t what he was expecting, and that annoys him.

If you’re planning to use anchor texts, use relevant ones because it builds a trust with the user. Even if the item he’s clicked on might otherwise be enjoyable for him, he wants what he clicked on.

So that’s the non-SEO purpose of anchor texts, what about the application of them when it comes to building traffic? Well, search engines have a funny way of looking at things that might surprise you – they want to view a web page as if they’re a human being. The main purpose of a search engine is to locate relevant web pages for what the user wants, hence they rely on a small number of things to decide what’s worth displaying.

As you can imagine, the anchor text is a vital part of any outbound link. Google will see a link from a PR5 page with the anchor of ‘German Chicks’ as a good enough reason to rank that site for German/female related terms (in theory). People sometimes say that anchor text doesn’t mean anything and it’s just the link juice that gets you going – these people are idiots.

If the sheer link power was all that mattered, you’d be able to type any word into a search Engine and Google would rank number one for all terms (Google is the most linked to URL on the World Wide Web). This doesn’t happen, because the text in the link is what matters.

Put simply – have relevant anchor texts linking to your site, because they’re what search engines and users want.

This is the catch-all for writing tasks. There are quite a few different categories of writing that are most popular and highly needed, but there are also some categories that aren’t exactly fit into a certain group. Adult Copywriters encounters many of the miscellaneous writing tasks when providing services to companies that need high quality writing.

One form of writing is forum posting. Forum posting is when someone creates a user account at an online forum. Online forums are where users post in a community where people typically share a common interest. This can be beneficial to a company looking to expand its customer base or get traffic to its website. Many forums allow you to advertise or promote your services in the form of replying to a “help wanted” thread or when you have your website hyperlink included in your signature. Your signature is text below what you write on the forum that features whatever you like. Usually, it will contain your website link and a bit of information about your site.

Another form of writing that may not be as popular but is definitely needed is erotic fiction. On the web they are more commonly referred to as “erotic stories”. These types of stories can be done to turn someone on and delve into their fetishes by using the written word. You simply need a great imagination to write erotic stories. It is a great way to get more website visitors as well. Having erotic stories on your site that are fresh and unique will definitely attract new people who will want to spend money.

An erotic story section can be free on your website. You can use it to draw visitors in and send them to sales areas on your site. Also, many paysites use erotic stories to get new members. Some people enjoy erotic stories as much as they enjoy viewing adult photos and videos and this added benefit can keep a paysite ahead of their competition by offering this in their member’s area.

There are also many other forms of writing that can be beneficial to a company. No matter what kind of writing you need, Adult Copywriters are specialists in giving you top quality content. We are open minded and can write many different types of content. Writing is an art form, and we are the artists of the pen that can make erotic masterpieces and alluring text.

Press releases are important in promoting your business or website. If you are releasing a new website or adding new and impressive content, you will want to share the news. Having a press release is good for your public relations and even for your website traffic. When you have a press release, you can use it in several ways that make it beneficial for your business.

You can submit press releases to be viewed in a number of ways. You can obviously email or mail press releases to people who are intimately involved in your website. However, you can even garner new interest by submitting your press release in a number of ways. You can submit it to site-related press release websites and companies who will see that your press release gets plenty of views.

Because your press release will be seen by many eyes, it is of utmost importance to have well-written and impressive words. You will want your press release to have perfect grammar and spelling. It sounds simple but it really is important. To have great grammar and spelling implies that your company will only submit press releases that are excellent. This reflects on your company as much as anything else within the press release.

Obviously, the most important part of the press release is the content. The written word can evoke many emotions. A love story can evoke romantic thought, a sad story can evoke tears, and a mystery can evoke wonder and intrigue. Words are very strong and always will be. The words within your press release should be interesting, informative, and impressive. This will represent your company well when you have only the best press releases.

In summation, a press release can increase exposure for your business and even affect how others view your business. You can get interest from investors, buyers, and the like with one simple press release. You can submit your press release to various websites for free online, email them to various media outlets, and also you can pay for inclusion in some of the more well-known press release websites and businesses.

Adult Copywriters can certainly help you with this task. We have many years of experience in writing top of the line press releases that will achieve the goal that your business has set in motion. Because of the importance of a great press release, we will undertake the task of writing your press release as if it were being written for our own company.

A paysite is typically an adult website that charges people for membership. There are at least hundreds of these types of sites, if not thousands. There is a ton of competition in the adult market and especially from paysites. There are paysites that feature solo models, a specific niche or fetish, and even networks of porn stars. To reign in a potential member, you will need to have text that literally seems to jump out of the page at them.

Paysite copywriting is highly important. The tour is where you try to sell your site with pictures and with words. In adult, pictures and videos are obviously the selling point. But so many sites have the photos and videos. However, many sites do not have good sales text that will lure someone in to pay for a membership. This can be a top key in getting someone to purchase a membership from your site rather than someone else’s.

You need to be skilled in the art of writing creative and convincing sales text. This can only be achieved via education or through experience. Adult Copywriters has writers with many years of experience that will bring you quality sales text for your paysite and tour. This text will be both flattering and convincing and bring about your site’s most promising and impressive features to the attention of your potential buyers.

To write great sales text for paysites you really need to point out key features. The amount of content that is inside the area, if the content is unique and exclusive, and if you offer frequent updates. Also, a great selling point can be bonuses. Bonuses can be webcam shows that are for members, additional website memberships that are free with purchase, and even adult games or erotic stories. Highlighting the paysite’s bonuses and impressive features will make your site visitors want to purchase a membership.

This is where Adult Copywriters can come in. If you need any help in creating effective sales copy for your paysite, we can provide you with the expertise and guidance you need. Sales text for your paysite is so important that it can’t be ignored. Several sentences can possibly make the difference between a surfer purchasing your site’s membership or another paysite’s membership. In these times, it is simply crucial to pay special attention to your paysite’s sales text. There is too much competition in this market for it to be ignored.

An effective article can be interpreted in many ways. It can be considered effective if the article is informative, or if it is well-written, and if it can hold a reader’s attention long enough to finish it. However, what truly makes an article effective is if contains content that will have you remembering the words from it much longer after reading it.

Many people will read an article and forget most of it within mere hours of reading it. To really remember something, you’ve got to write your article with research and articulation. A great way to tell if your article is memorable is to email it to your friends or ask a colleague’s opinion. They will give you an honest opinion. Another way to tell is to post the article on your website. If you get a lot of traffic and you don’t know where it’s from, it is highly possible that people are telling their friends about your site and the articles that are upon it.

This is all you need to get a successful site. Simply have great content for your site visitors. You can make money by adding advertisements to your page. Advertisements can be banners, text links, or ad services. Ad services such as google and yahoo pay you when someone clicks a link on your site via their network. It’s a good way to monetize your site in addition to having the traditional banner and text links.

With all of these things taken into consideration, you can see why writing effective articles are so important. If articles are a main part of your site, it is crucial to write effective articles to keep your readers craving more. Adult Copywriters can help you achieve this. We have a team of skilled and educated writers who will provide you with quality articles for your website so your surfers will want to visit over and over again

When you own a website, especially one of adult orientation, you need to get into a niche that draws traffic. There are so many sites that have naked photos but you need something to set you apart from the rest. A review website can be your sole niche or you can simply have a reviews section that complements your other areas. For example, you could own a TGP and also have a review site to go over some of the sites that are featured in your galleries.

A paysite review is a great way to draw traffic because a lot of these people are interested in spending money. They want to know that the site they are interested in is worth purchasing a membership for before they whip out their credit cards. Reading a paysite review is a great way for someone to decide if they want to spend their money on a membership. Once they click on your referral link, you can obviously make money from the sale by referring your website visitor to the paysite and the visitor buys a membership.

A website review is much more than just telling your surfer how many naked pictures are on the site and who is super hot. You must go into detail if you want to set your review site from the others. That is where Adult Copywriters can come in. Our writers specialize in in-depth paysite reviews that go far beyond just telling the website visitor how many pictures are on there and how often they update. The reviews go into detail about the price and how it fares against competition, if the video and picture quality is low or high, and more.

This enables you to draw a much more sophisticated and highly converting crowd. You won’t just get surfers who are looking for free adult photos. You will get surfers who want to spend money and pull out their credit cards. Review sites are some of the most profitable sites on the web and this is highly attractive to webmasters who really want to be serious and make a top return on investment.  You have to imagine that purchasing one review can be paid for with just one sale. That same review could bring you dozens or even hundreds of sales.

You can clearly see the advantages of running a review website or adding a review area to compliment your type of adult site. The allure of highly converting and sophisticated surfers should be enough to get you on the bandwagon. This type of writing is done well with experienced hands and Adult Copywriters certainly has the skill and experience to give you what you need to convert surfers into sales.

Blog posts are definitely a popular form of communication on the internet today. Sometimes you will hear people say “I am going to blog about that”. Blog has become a household word in the internet world almost like the word “Google”. Instead of saying I’ll search for something, now people often say they will “Google” it. Blogging is a popular way for regular people to communicate, but it has also become a well-known tool for businesses to communicate to consumers.

Many different types of businesses utilize blogs as a way to communicate and advertise. The advertising is actually done through the communication on the blog. Many businesses will create informative, interesting blog posts about the product. Within that text, many of these bloggers will create text links with their affiliate codes or to sales pages within the content of the post. This is a brilliant way to advertise without seeming over the top or as if you are merely writing positively about the product with the sole intent of getting a sale.

A text link within a blog post is probably one of the best ways to advertise. With mainstream product, it seems to work quite well. Even with an adult website, it is quite an effective way to get a consumer to a sales page. You can create a text link within an adult blog by using eye-catching text like “nude babes” with the hyperlink taking the user to the nude babes he or she was reading about.  Within a mainstream blog, you can use a term such as “innovative product” to link to your sales page.

Another great way to get blog readers to your sales page is with the use of pictures. This is especially true on an adult blog. Pictures are probably the #1 way to generate revenue from an adult blog. Your reader may like to read all of the juicy details about the sexy ladies, but a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Men are visual creatures and to have sexy photos on your blog will be the best lure to nab a sale.

Within a blog you can put pictures that link to your sales page and further tempt the reader into purchasing a membership. The great thing about the blog is that you can tempt the reader with both images and text simultaneously. You can create links with both alluring text and sexy photographs. If your site is mainstream, you can monetize with both pictures and text as well. Blogs give you the ability to advertise your product in such a way that no other website type truly can. You can communicate on a personal level with your blog reader yet still get sales. That is definitely a great way to promote your product.