A large majority of adult review sites out there will often outsource work to professional writers to ensure a constant stream of material. However, you’d be surprised at how many people think writing even 5 reviews a day is an easy task and believe they can slowly build a site up this way. Sadly, they often give up after only a few days of trying. A big reason for this is due to the fact that review writing isn’t as easy as it looks. While you may look at a piece of text that has been created by a professional and think that it doesn’t go beyond what you’re capable of, the reality is actually quite the opposite.

So what makes review writing on a large scale hard? Firstly, it’s getting used to the idea of only presenting information that someone wants. Plenty of people will often make the mistake of looking high and low all over a site to locate pieces of information that in the grand scheme of things are just irrelevant to the reader. For instance, no porn surfer really cares what processor he joins the site through, nor does he want to know the exact number of pictures in a set or minutes in a video. Sure, giving a rough estimation is perfect, but I know there are some people out there who have taken a large sample of videos and photos to find the actual average.

The next problem is language used. In review writing, you want to get as personal as you can with a surfer because you want them to believe that what you’re saying is absolutely true. First person speech is great for this and I believe that a big deal of what a surfer thinks about a site will actually come from a well structured, positive and above all, one on one styled review. We live in an age where 90% of what we absorb on the internet is in first person and naturally, we’re used to this style of media. The problem with this is the lacking ability in a lot of people to write in this style effectively. It’s not something you can really pick up over a few days and forcing yourself to do so will probably end quite badly so in essence, your only other alternative is to write in a different style which as I explained previously, can have quite a negative side effect on the believability of your text.

Review writing is a tough place for a lot of people. The real problem boils down to experience; you’ll find that many top review writers can pump out text that is more relevant, interesting and persuasive to a reader than anything a first timer could produce. Plus, when you do business with an experienced copywriter, you’ll see their amazing ability to produce thousands of high quality words a day – something that an average webmaster, no matter how hard he tries, simply cannot do.

It’s very important for any webmaster to consider the effect of texts on search engine optimization. I won’t clog this article up with various links to research done on the topic as I’m sure you can use Google yourself to find them, but I will cover a few important things to remember when it comes to writing for websites. I think a large misconception in the world of SEO is keyword density – everyone thinks that they have the secret formula to how many keywords should be on a page but if I’m honest, I think these people are acting on nothing but pure superstition and I’ll explain why.

In 2009, Google made a profit of 6.5 billion dollars, they receive around 1 billion search queries a day, have over 450,000 servers across the globe and have the number one visited website on the net. If you think that this company doesn’t understand every trick in the book to get SERPs then my friend, you really do need to come back down to Earth. Google wants users to be able to find pages that are directly related to their search query – if SEO was all about keyword density and there was some magic formula to getting number one, why do the most relevant results seem to always come up on top? It’s simple to understand why – Google knows exactly what to look for.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, keyword density in a piece of text isn’t completely useless. If you’re trying to market a site that sells shoes you’d be silly to use the term ‘shoes’ at less than 1% density. I’m not disputing the power of keywords, but I do understand that Google only needs to have a rough idea of what your text is about to actually rank you for a term. The reality of text and its effect on SEO is actually largely due to the anchor text used for link juice – this is really where you push keywords and coin phrases for your site, the text on the page you’re linking to should be there to interest the reader and help Google understand the overall theme of your website.

One final thing to consider when writing for SEO is the implication of backlinks you would receive if the text you created was amazing. What’s better, 100 articles at 500 words that aren’t linked to, or 1 article at 1,000 words that has a wealth of link juice pointed at it with a plethora of relevant anchor texts? If this concept is hard for you to understand, I recommend you take some time out to truly grasp what true SEO is all about and educate yourself on how search engines such as Google work. Above all, I think it’s imperative for a webmaster to understand the real reason for text creation with respect to optimizing your site. Tip: it isn’t to shove thousands of keywords down Google’s throat.

Article writing generally refers to the creation of texts that falls outside of specific guidelines. Where reviews have a strict format of introduction, explanation and conclusion, article writing can be anything from a website’s homepage description to social networking how-tos. The scope of its actual functionality ranges in much the same manner – plenty of articles can be created simply for surfer convenience where others are tactically employed to drop an SEO bombshell off to Google. Whatever your needs are for specific text writing, one should always consider the basic concepts of professional text production.

Of course, the most important aspect of writing is correct spelling and grammar. While the former can often be slack due to the marvel that is spell check, the latter requires a bit of self teaching and plenty of reading. If the English language is not your first, the greatest step you can make toward educating yourself is to simply type. If you do decide to create your own articles then just follow a very simple idea – search for the correct answer on any issues you come across when you actually find them. This way, you’re not wasting your time on information you already know or will never need to know.

The second factor that makes for decent textual works is somewhat subjective. Some hold the belief that deadpan writing can be just as successful as imaginative strokes of genius, whereas others are of the opinion that a triumphant writer is one that has a unique ability to flow his sentences together with a seamless glue of wit, charisma and the slightest touch of personal connection. There’s no real way of teaching yourself that skill, it simply develops as you become more comfortable with your style and realize that how you interpret what you write is completely different to that of someone else’s construal.

Writing articles is a great step toward building a foundation of solid users who trust and connect with you. As social creatures, we thrive upon bonds and are more than susceptible to someone’s influence if we believe them to be worthy of our time. A great way to tap into people’s trust is to simply provide them with stellar text that they can relate to. Present someone with relevant, interesting and worthwhile information and you’ll be ten times more likely to convince them into buying a product.

In the vast space of digital information we refer to as the ‘Internet’, written text can be seen on virtually every website page created. While no academic study has touched on the issue, one could easily assume that the largest amount of written content produced for a specific medium is that of text writings for blogs. Throughout the endless online blogosphere, at least 1 trillion words have been produced solely from its existence and the number of new characters coming every day is exponentially increasing. Blogs are a very powerful tool for promoting paysites and serve as a great platform for both new and experienced webmasters.

While blogs can be entirely created from images, it’s important to realize the SEO advantages of having well-written posts. Not only does it serve as a solid word search hitter, blogs have an amazing ability to link relevant texts with surrounding images. With search engine optimization becoming ever more competitive, plenty of bloggers have turned to an often overlooked form of optimization based solely on image searches. In either case, decent text works provide a clear advantage that doesn’t have any negative side effects.

Although the main purpose of text on affiliate feeder blogs is for search optimization, attention has to be paid to the surfer’s inevitable reading. Because of this, it’s not appropriate to create blog posts that are unreadable and merely saturated with relevant keywords. In fact, there’s a greater chance that if a blogger does resort to keyword dropping and mindless typing, search engines such as Google may pick up on the foul play (commonly referred to as black hat optimization) and subsequently remove your website from its index. In any case, blogs with imagination and an ability to create arousal through text are definitely preferred over those that don’t; you’d be amazed at how far 100 words can take someone.

If you can grind through the tedious task of writing decent SEO’d texts for your blog’s posts then the world is really your oyster. However, one should strive to create interesting and grammatically sound works that benefit the user and search engines. Every post on your blog should contain quality writing and be both imaginative and keyword ridden – if it’s not, you’re missing out on a core concept of search engine optimization and thus, you’re not exploiting one of the finest traffic sources available.

Erotic stories, or more correctly referred to as ‘erotica’, are valuable pieces of text that are built solely for the entertainment of readers. While some believe the creation of epic erotica is possible by almost anyone, it’s obvious that talent plays a big part in the overall process of creating raunchy scenes, sexy characters and lusty relationships. There’s a huge gap between writing mainstream stories and producing wonderful pieces of erotic texts. Neither one requires more skill than the other – they’re both equally as hard to master but require the author to retain different virtues.

Erotic Stories have their place all over the internet. They provide a good basis for a feeder blog due to their SEO friendly and keyword rich nature, they give a nice bonus to paysite members who are looking for something a bit different and indeed, they produce wonderful free sites that can easily be monetized with any half-decent affiliate program. As you would expect, erotica has a large influence on surfers and only the very best should be put up for the public to read. There’s nothing less enjoyable than coming across a search engine result for a relevant erotica keyword and ending up with a boring, unimaginative and off-putting wall of text that doesn’t deliver what you want.

Users are looking for one thing when it comes to erotica; pleasure. There are many ways to exploit the human desire for sex and one of the best is with language. You can easily create a wonderful image in the head of a user and place him inside the scene he’s reading. People love erotica because in honesty, a large majority of it is just a build up to the final sex scene. You can go through many pages of text that have a few pieces of sexual interaction here and there but for the most part, users hang on because they know that all of the tension built up in the previous paragraphs is going to be released. Readers also love the niche specificness that can put them somewhere videos and pictures can’t.

If you’re someone who thinks outside the box and can see the benefits erotic stories can have to any site then definitely find a great producer. There’s a fine line between good naughty text and imaginative, artistic and arousing literature – the latter of which can only be produced by the best in the business. Forget the boring assertion that HD videos and hi-res images are all you can have – invest in stellar quality erotica today.

So you’ve got a surfer to click your affiliate link from a review or blog post. There he is, looking at a wonderful site with lots of naughty images all over the place. He’s about to sign up but just needs that extra push in the right direction. How do you convince someone to do something they’re not already 100% willing to do? You talk them in to it, of course.

One of the most demanding jobs that can come from a client is tour content. Your text has to be interesting, to the point and above all, very persuasive. While an essential part of writing is to get your point across quickly and effectively, paysite text is certainly an extreme example of both instances. With a large quantity of potential money on the line, webmasters simply can’t afford to have boring, indigestible and inane snippets of random writing to accompany their images in a push to convince surfers to sign up. You must have functional, interesting and subliminally persuasive text that is well formed, thought out and executed.

When working on paysite texts, authors must realize the importance of their product on SEO. A good writer will combine niche specific keywords with suggestible language. Key factors include the avoidance of generally useless SEO words (the, and, but, etc.) and relying more on positive and friendly terms (yours, full, exclusive, etc.) while still keeping the site’s target audience in mind. Naturally, text of this nature can take hours to produce and works out to be the most expensive cents per word content someone can order. In fact, an entire day of work can devoted to producing the very best titles and subtexts fathomable.

Webmasters are naturally careful with their money and don’t like to see it go to poor use. Because of this, many believe themselves to be more than capable of actually producing structurally sound and useful texts for their paysite tours. That being said, a lot of time can be spent perfecting quotes, changing descriptions and editing subtle language problems. Because of this, the work needed can often become much greater than first anticipated and eat into way too much of your time. Although it will cost you, I’m sure you’ll agree that outsourcing your adult paysite text production is the best step you can take.

Throughout the ages, getting the latest information regarding something is best done through the greatest social communication tool ever devised – the news. Writing a 100 word blog post that drops a few naughty keywords here and there is nothing on the skill required to create a press release. These powerful pieces of written text are certainly a test of any real wordsmith’s ability to communicate effective points in a limited space. With an alternative style employed to these important textual creations, press releases are not something that any person can approach and easily master.

Press Releases are often requested by affiliates and distributed to various sites that allow professionally written texts to be submitted. Of course, there’s a level of quality needed and for the most part, unless you’re experienced in the area or naturally gifted, you won’t create anything that meets the required standard. Because of this, an increasing number of affiliate managers and website owners are turning to professional teams of capable content producers for all their press release needs.

Most press release announcements come as a result of a new website being launched or a specific event that requires widespread attention (such as winning an XBiz award or giving webmasters a higher PPS payout on a weekend). The style and nature of press releases is often regarded as highly formal and important, though it’s more than likely that a direct quote will be taken from someone related to the actual text’s content. This personal touch is almost always executed because it removes the absolute formality and introduces a new dynamic to what you’re reading.

If you’re looking to create a few press releases for your next big program push, chances are it’s going to be a lot easier to rely on a professional content producer than to spend hours upon hours learning exactly what’s needed for a perfect release. Of course, it’s always important to find a wordsmith that has the ability to create solid texts on schedule and within your specified timeframe. Shop around and find the crème de la crème where possible – press releases can really make or break a program push and obviously, all it takes is one smalltime webmaster to promote your program for that extra cost to be totally worth it.

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic toward a site is via the tried and tested method of reviewing. Instead of flashing GIFs and raunchy images being the feeder content, users are able to read information about the website they’re about to visit before they actually do. While attractive photos may be enough to drive a click, it’s important to realize that images provide nothing in terms of SEO when compared to slabs of keyword rich text.

Review writing is certainly one of the more complicated texts that can be produced. When compared to blog posts or gallery descriptions, it’s clear that review work has a more practical application past just being Google fodder. While some may argue that the general person searching for porn sites won’t read the full review, it’s clear that any serious potential customer is going to want to know if a site is worth joining before he does so. There are several things to consider before you actually start writing reviews – the most important of which is whether or not you solely create positive texts or actually provide a completely honest recap of the site.

On the one side, you’re more likely to convert at a better rate if you create every review in a positive light. However, bookmarked users and cautious surfers may actually avoid your reviews should you give a high score to every website and neglect to actually provide the fundamental reasoning behind reviews existing. That being said, it’s important to also remember that a large majority of your reviews will be positive as the general nature of affiliate marketing doesn’t rest upon providing users with information that doesn’t benefit you in any way.

Professional review writers should be able to cater for every possible style of text that could be requested from them. Reviewing writing is something that anyone can attempt but few seldom master. Most people simply don’t possess the flare and confidence needed to create a positive atmosphere while at the same time, being true to the nature of a review. Plus, you always have to remember that a reviewer should have a perfect grasp of the English language and acquire an ability to write effectively while still being reasonably fast.

With all of these factors considered, writing website reviews is a complicated task that takes a lot of time to perfect. In fact, an overwhelming number of successful review sites often outsource their work or bring in an experienced writer who understands the true power of affiliate marketing through website reviews.

Good business is built on good communication.

It is simple and wonderfully vague, but without a doubt an absolute truth. Before you can sell something you have to tell people it exists and at the same time why they need to buy it. How to communicate those things successfully is beyond the scope of this article. Today we’re just going to take an overall look at the role of the written word in general when it comes to building websites that can be found by your potential clients and then communicate successfully, regardless of what they sell.

Search Engines Read

Google and other search engines are built on top of complicated algorithms, but essentially they are just good (and intuitive) readers – and even better organizers. If you have your site set up in an intelligent manner that is organized and focused, these search engines will be better able to understand what information it is you have to offer the world and make sure those looking for that information find your website. That means more people arrive on your site and you can sell more subscriptions, goods and services.

Search engines do see more than just words. They see your site’s HTML code and are getting better at “seeing” images and even being able to interpret things written within Flash applications. New technologies and applications are springing up that can even take pictures submitted by end users and spit out information about them like where the picture was taken and even what buildings appear in the picture, but we’re a long way from being able to use anything but words and symbols in our day-to-day search queries.

When we want to find something online, we have to write it out and plug it into a search box. Plain and clearly written text is still the most important medium of communication online.

Write For People

In many ways, search engines don’t seem all that different from human beings when they visit your website, but that isn’t entirely true.

A computer may read the same text as a human being and think it’s about one thing because of the frequency of certain words and the sort of sites that link to that particular domain or web page. A human being will visit that same page and may see nothing but nonsense and gibberish of zero value.

On the other side of the same coin, a person may find a page full of specific and valuable information, but a search engine may visit and think it’s too vague or unfocused to be worth sharing. This happens a lot with web pages that address multiple topics and issues rather than focusing on one specific topic per page.

Webmasters no doubt have had success gaming search engines. You can post dense texts that really say nothing at all but manage to repeat keywords often and you very well may get traffic. At least in the short term. Google and other search engines are constantly looking to prevent that sort of site from ranking well. It makes sense: their business is delivering the right information and doing so quickly. If they serve up spammy pages with no valuable information, they’re not providing much of a service.

Even if you manage to get a visitor with your spam page, if your site has no value, it will probably be rather obvious. If it provides value but a visitor cannot recognize that immediately, they’ll leave all the same. Nowadays surfers are savvier than ever when it comes to recognizing a spam site from a value providing website. Part of looking ‘legit’ will have to do with design, and part with the written words on the page.

Your first priority with any text should be communicating to human readers, especially if you’re interested in long term success. Writing text for a web page is really no different from writing an article for an academic journal, a story for a newspaper or a guide to a program or machine. You want to be clear, focused and keep things simple and accessible. With online writing we could add to that list being brief and formatting your text so that it is easy to scan*, since most visitors will only look over your page quickly to pick out the bits of data that they actually need. In most cases, they don’t care if you’re funny, if you’re smart or if you’re a cool person. They want information, and the faster the better.

When we focus on writing for a real audience a lot of the things that make sites rank well will occur naturally, like keyword density for example. If you provide real value, your visitors will also be more likely to stick around your site longer, trust some of your recommendations and links and maybe even promote your site somewhere else online with a recommendation or link.

But It’s A Porn Site!

Systems need to be tweaked to work with your business model, whatever it may be. At Adult Copywriters we do a lot of work with porn review sites, for which the information laid out above is particularly relevant, but even if you’re running a simple blog you’ll still want to think about how you’re using text on your web pages.

Just because you’re promoting and selling porn doesn’t mean that the text is meaningless. Though your visitors, depending on your site’s model, may be unlikely to spend much time reading when there are much more interesting photos to look at, that text is still going to be what can rope them in from search engine queries.

If It Doesn’t Have To Be Stylized or Fancy, Why Hire a Professional?

This is an easy one: because they can write better than you. If they can’t, and you have the time to do it yourself, by all means I encourage you to get to work!

Professional writers are very good at doing all the things this article has discussed so far. They know how to write simple text that communicates what it needs to quickly and accurately. I would recommend you work with copywriters that also have some knowledge of basic HTML and Search Engine Optimization, since how they structure their writing and as well as their word choices will have consequences for the development of both.

Webmasters have many options that range from very cheap to very expensive. As in all things in life, you get what you pay for. For some business models low quality text will work fine, for others it will cripple the project. Know what you need to be successful, then seek the best cost solution to make it a reality.

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“Last year was really an unprecedented year for us,” said owner John Falcon. “With some exciting and challenging projects to drive us forward, Adult Copywriters grew in both size and expertise. As a result, today we’re able to offer more services and scale to meet the needs of any project.”

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